About us
SupKlub Slovenia is owned by Damjam Mozina. He is a former acrobatic rock´n´roll dancer, canoe and kayak instructor, with 20 years active scout career, sport climber, biker, skier, kliter, diver.  He holds ASI SUP Instructor Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, senior first aid and water rescue certificates.
He is assisted in the school by Mihaela Tertinek, an active sport climber, dentist, ASI accredited SUP instructor Level 1, Level 2 with senior first aid and water rescue certificates.

Damjag got involved in SUP after an injury that left him unable to walk effectively.  SUP allowed him to totally recover and become fit and healthy.  SUP helped save his life. Together with partner, Mihaela, they decided to start a SUP School.  It's the first ASI accredited SUP School in Slovenia.

SupKlub offers private and group lessons, certificate courses and tours for family groups, kids, adults, the more mature, parties, school groups and corporate groups. Day, weekend or longer term rental of inflatable or hard boards are also available on spot.