Ljubljana Green Tour


You start Ljubljana Green Tour with a brief introduction to the tour and the theoretical part of standup paddle boarding for those who meet this sport for the first time. Having absorbed the fundaments, you get your board and head to the water, experiencing your very first strokes. In a couple of minutes you overcome the initial doubt and fear and confidently paddle into adventurous memories, gliding on the river, striking a pose to numerous photographers on the river banks…and posing for your own photo memories.

Our Ljubljana Green City Tour finishes with a light pace paddling towards the club venue and finally with stretching the muscles that have been working during the two hours trip.

Ljubljana Green City Tour is an easy tour which does not require any athletic performance. Experienced instructors know the methods to introduce standup paddleboarding step-by-step and get you on your feet within minutes. The activity isn’t meant to include swimming, however it does happen sometimes; that is why swimming knowledge is required.

Meeting point:

We meet at our club’s venue, at Livada 31, Ljubljana – which is the Kajak kanu klub Ljubljana’s original location. Our guests can use free parking, toilets, a place to store their personal belongings change their clothes and (if required) shower.

Daily sup activity:

Ljubljana Urban City Tour is provided daily at 10am and 5pm in the summer time. To book a tour, fill in the booking form at link or via mail or phone.

In case the regular schedule doesn’t work for you, give us a call. We offer individual lessons/trips as well.

To book an individual lesson/trip, in case of further questions or when more information is needed, drop us a line or give us a call to +386 41 725 553 or supklub@siol.net.


What do I need for a SUP trip?

Not much, actually. Put on comfortable clothes, that is shorts and a T-shirt in the summer, or use a swimsuit. The activity is held on the water and if we take a dip to chill, you’ll need to change. That is why a towel and a pair of spare shorts are always a good idea.

Bring a bottle of water to make a sip during the activity. Sunscreen and a cap are recommended, as well as a repellent.


You get your Ljubljana Urban City Tour experience for 40€/pp,  including the introduction to SUP course with a certified and experienced instructor, 2 hour long SUP tour with instructor, all the necessary equipment (SUP board, paddle, leash), photo memories from SUP tour and the guidance. For colder days we also provide neoprene suits and socks.

Kids (8-12years) enjoy the trip for 20€/pp, including kids boards (smaller and lighter), kids paddles and all the service that is provided for the adults  and teenage (13-17years) 25€/pp.

Trips scheduled by your request or private tour are 45€ (minimum 2 persons).
Solo adventurer's tour (single person) - 50€.